has evolved into


RPE Origin

What began as a little consultancy, named for the symbol of embracing the sometimes painful truth from the movie, The Matrix, has grown beyond all expectations. In the early days it was mostly back of the house. It was our job to turn your email marketing dreams into realities; all of those things the vendors promised we would make happen – if it could be made to happen. We regularly provide advanced back-of-the-house services for larger and other agencies; and some when getting their start.

From those early days we’ve grown in size and scope providing soup-to-nuts front and back-of-the-house vendor agnostic professional services to end-user and agency clients alike. In 2018 Red Pill Email, Inc. co-founded the Origin Email agency to further its service offerings with a focus on the strategic.

On its 16th birthday, Red Pill Email joined with Origin Email to rebrand the company’s vendor-agnostic professional service offerings as RPE Origin. RPE Origin will expand the offerings of both its namesakes under this new brand.

So what happens to RPE? It’s going to do what all parents do, help its children grow; and geeky special projects. We’re not turning the lights off, just changing where they point.  Thank you for 16 years of business and support; now let’s start 16 more!