Jeremy Grecco

VP Programming & Production

As a hardcore data integration specialist and software engineer, Jeremy has participated in every aspect of the full lifecycle of email marketing. He has configured in-house solutions from the ground up and has automated list management and hygiene for popular ESPs, as well as provided custom email marketing analytics reporting to assist teams in refining their programs.

He has written custom applications that automate the transfer of data between client and vendor platforms, and has developed integrated channel dashboards to optimize reporting efforts that follow customers through the sales funnel with greater accuracy and speed.  This level of reporting has helped clients lower cost per conversion by quickly identifying prime points of optimization for their email and cross-channel marketing efforts.

Jeremy has worked with major clients that include Verizon Wireless, UPS Asia, Hewlett-Packard’s  Snapfish (EMEA), Lawn Green, The Inbox Group, and more.  A true dataphile, he is always looking for new ways to make data work for the client, and works closely with clients to model their data in ways to help their programs to perform more efficiently.

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