• With UBX, IBM Revolutionizes Integrated Marketing
    Posted by John Caldwell on April 25, 2017 in story time I 0 Comment

    Quick, when you think of companies that make complicated technology user friendly and approachable, what's the first name that comes to mind? Apple, right? Well, if you're a 21st-century marketer, that name should be IBM and its revolutionary Universal Behavior Exchange, or UBX. One of the most painful parts of any integrated marketing program is, well, the integration part. (more…)

  • The REAL Definition of Social Media
    Posted by Shannon Holato on April 27, 2011 in story time I 3 Comment

    Last week, I read a brilliant post by Jim Ducharme titled, “EMAIL: What’s in a name?” where he defined the word email. I loved the acronym approach he took as it really got me thinking about what’s behind my baby, social media. In contemplating the realities of my everyday job and my personal testaments, I’ve come up with my own list. Without further ado, here’s my take on defining social media: (m

  • Relational Databases and Email Marketing
    Posted by John Caldwell on March 22, 2011 in story time I 0 Comment

    While it may seem that I enjoy taking email industry people to task for posting bad, innacurate, and sometimes just plain wrong information, I really don't....  Okay, maybe just a little, and maybe just sometimes.  I really do have better things to do with my time, but on the other hand, I think that it's unfair to people learning the industry to fill their heads with misinformation.  So what got me started

  • Back to Email Basics – The Rest of the Story
    Posted by John Caldwell on April 8, 2010 in story time I 4 Comment

    A couple of days ago "E-Mail (sic) Essentials" (the former Ken Magill weekly) posted a piece, "Back to Basics: An E-mail (sic) Checklist".  I don't really disagree with any of the points posted, but I think some could use a little deeper thought.... (more…)

  • Three Hard Bounces
    Posted by John Caldwell on November 25, 2009 in story time I 5 Comment

    What a good day to dust off another in my pile of unfinished blog posts and random ideas thanks to the folks @StrongMail for sharing "Marketing chiefs: Are you spamming your customers?" "And nearly one fifth (17 per cent) of marketers surveyed are not failing to remove email addresses from mailing lists after messages bounce back." Reminded me of a story from a year or so ago.  It was after dinner with some ema