• Email Drip Campaigns: So Many Possibilities, Where to Begin? Right here.
    Posted by Jeanne Jennings on March 2, 2017 in story time I 0 Comment

    Any marketer who isn’t leveraging drip campaigns is missing out on one of the biggest set-it-and-forget-it opportunities in email. According to Epsilon’s 3Q 2016 Email Trends and Benchmark Report, triggered emails, such as drip campaigns, typically achieve an average 56 percent lift in open rates and 145 percent lift in click-through rates over business-as-usual messaging. So, what is a drip campaign? (mor

  • It’s the Message that matters…
    Posted by John Caldwell on January 24, 2017 in story time I 0 Comment

    “Our department is overstaffed and we don’t have enough to do,” said no email marketing manager ever. Or at least no email marketing manager I have ever known has said that. And as an email marketing vendor-and-technology consultant, I have known a lot of email marketing managers. In some ways, email marketing is like a hobby. You can spend as much time and money on it as you want. But as in all things b

  • Red Pill Email Turns 12!
    Posted by John Caldwell on January 5, 2017 in story time I 0 Comment

    Wow, that was fast-probably because the work we do is so enjoyable and satisfying. Today marks 12 years since I founded Red Pill Email. In that time we have helped more than 50 companies select and integrate email service providers and have helped dozens of companies migrate from one email vendor to another. Our focus from the beginning has never been on finding clients the so-called "best" vendor. Rather it

  • Giving Thanks
    Posted by John Caldwell on November 21, 2016 in story time I 0 Comment

    On Thanksgiving Day, we’re supposed to pause and give thanks for the things we’re grateful for before we carbohydrate ourselves into a stuffing- and gravy-filled stupor. On a personal level, I have a lot to be thankful for. But there is one thing everyone reading this post has to be thankful for: Email marketing. Yes, we should all be thankful for email marketing. Think about it: No one has ever grown up

  • Local Email Meet-Ups: A Lot of Bang for Little or No Buck
    Posted by John Caldwell on July 19, 2016 in story time I 0 Comment

    One often-overlooked opportunity in email marketing is the incredible value local meet-ups can offer. Unlike national conferences, local meet-ups entail a minimum time-and-travel commitment, don't involve submitting $2,500 expense reports to finance, and as such, don't require justification to upper management. Even if you come away from a local meet-up with nothing from a business improvement standpoint, you