Email Marketing Audits and Assessments

Our Email Marketing Audits & Assessments help our clients to visualize and identify opportunities for increased productivity and efficiencies that will increase return-on-investment of the company’s email marketing and messaging operations.

Our first step is a comprehensive assessment on the health of all current email marketing programs. We conduct a deep analysis of our client’s email programs including processes, operational and success metrics, strategy, available and obtainable data, and other areas critical to the organization’s online marketing objectives.  We will analyze and evaluate how well the organization’s current email marketing efforts compliment and support the company’s other marketing initiatives, and where process improvements and efficiencies may be gained.

We then create a message campaign and program matrix that helps our clients visualize opportunities for improvements. We identify specific recommendations on how and where to make operational improvements to the email marketing and messaging processes. We identify effective and easily-implemented areas of automation to free up time for over-worked employees to improve morale and retention.

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