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Red Pill Email offers white papers and case studies to its customers and prospective  clients as research and commentary about the platforms, tools, services, and  techniques of the email marketing industry. For ease of viewing and printing,  white papers are in PDF format.

Red Pill Email’s Review of Sparkpost

We’ve seen MTAs evolve and grow over the last few years, and we’ve seen the emergence of SMTP services targeting everything from start-up developers to Fortune 500 organizations.  These products are the backbone of email and are now widely available and easily accessible.

Red Pill Email’s Head of Engineering & Programming, Jeremy Grecco, shares his thoughts of Sparkpost.

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Selecting an Email Service Provider

So you’ve decided it’s time to hire an email service provider or select a new one. And you’re seriously considering using only internal resources to do so.

Figuring out what due diligence in selecting an email service provider should include can be as complicated as going through the due-diligence process itself.

Confidently managing the email vendor-selection process requires knowing in advance the hundreds of different variables that will most certainly come into play.

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migrating-integrating_esp_cover_250cMigrating/Integrating an Email Service Provider

Whether it’s an integration project where you’re building an email program with a new vendor from scratch, or it’s a migration project where you’re moving your email program from one vendor to another, it will be more complicated than you can possibly plan for.

No matter how good a planner you are, your email vendor migration will inevitably take more time than you think. In our experience, most executives who decide to do an email migration internally underestimate the time and money it will take by 30 percent.

The question isn’t: Should you do an email migration/integration yourself? It’s: Why would you even consider it when you can transfer any potential liabilities to a third party and not spend an extra dime? It’s been our experience that partnering with Red Pill Email will probably cost you less than if you do the project internally.

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